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Deasil’s core business is web development and design, but combined we have more than twenty years worth of IT experience, and we love helping our clients with anything IT related, so if you have any kind of project you want advise or assistance with, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Below are just some of the services we can assist you with.

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Support Services

  • Networking

    Deasil designs, builds, implements, operates and maintains local and wide area networks (WANs), as well as Storage Area Networks (SANs) providing complete network solutions.

  • Document and Printing Solutions

    Deasil offers integrated document and printing solutions that respond to customers' complete document requirements across the document life cycle from creation and distribution, to collaboration, printing and archiving.

  • Managed Systems

    Deasil manages and maintains the client's complete system and supports the world's leading vendors' hardware and operating systems. We manage complicated server infrastructures, network infrastructures, applications, and operating system environments and workstation configurations on a continuous basis. The function is supported by our Service Desk and Monitoring services.

  • Managed BYOD

    Deasil secures, controls, manages and maintains all devices that a customer owns, and monitors those that does not.


Managed Services

  • Hosting

    Managed Hosting services from Deasil are delivered via class-leading infrastructure. All Hosting offerings may be extended to include specialized security services (firewalls, patching, anti-virus, and intrusion detection), backups, and more.


    Deasil’s Fixed Cost Business Support Services (FCBSS) is a service-oriented support package service designed to maximize the client’s network support value, and IT infrastructure. Based on a flat fee calculated on a monthly per computer tariff, it incorporates unlimited support hours, remote support options, and multiple services designed to ensure stability and predictability.

  • Service Desk

    The Service Desk offers an always-available managed solution, providing customers the ability to rapidly report any IT problems and solve ongoing issues.

  • SLA

    Deasil offers contractual service-level agreements (SLA) that specifies what services the network service provider will supply, implement, and maintain.

  • Cloud Computing

    Deasil offers public and private cloud management services with management, monitoring, security, and availability of the customer's documentation and data availability both Online and off line.


Consulting Services

  • Assessments

    Deasil performs a thorough system and network assessment to evaluate the technologies your organization currently uses and recommend technology that will make your business more efficient.

  • Centralized Services

    Deasil manages customer vendor relationships and service framework by becoming the central point of contact for all customer service issues, and the central point of contact for customer service providers.

  • Monitoring

    The managed monitoring and control of customer network and systems infrastructure is imperative for establishing and maintaining critical system health. Deasil monitors and controls all server hardware systems, operating systems, application services, databases, network devices and servers running in an IT environment. Comprehensive Infrastructure Reporting. With Deasil’s intelligent management platform, you’ll have complete visibility into your entire network infrastructure, with areas such as network use, data usage, and resource management targeted for specific monitoring and reporting.

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