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We design and create unique digital experiences, including websites, logos, business cards, social media presence, and interactions with various online platforms. We believe that the end-user experience is the sum of the end-users’ interactions with a company’s website to achieve a goal (obtain information, place an order, contact the company, etc.). It’s often measured by the ability of a user to achieve their goal in an efficient and pleasant manner, without errors, roadblocks, or otherwise abandoning the experience.

The techniques and theories tend to center themselves around a set of elements that place emphasis and focus on the user experience and has an impact on the design (both visual and technical) of a website or product. We use online and offline design platforms, using design standards, integrating mobile and desktop design.

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

If you have anything to add please let us know. We appreciate all kinds of feedback from our clients, good or bad, because it helps us to fix any area of our service that could do better. Below are just a few of our happy clients and what they had to say about our service.

Werner Stander

WSD Developments

“Sven Bergman has provided invaluable service to me, both in Pretoria as well as in the Western Cape. He was instrumental in delivering assistance, consulting, and support roles within specific budget constraints. He is trustworthy, hardworking, and always ready to walk the extra mile. He works fast, very efficient, and has always been willing to assist the various members of my businesses.”

John Costello

Outspan Inn

“Templates abound, allowing almost anybody to design a site, but breathing life into it and giving it that special zing needs someone who is both artist and technician, and this is where Christo excels. His ability to think out-side-of-the-box and continual striving for perfection is what sets him aside from the general web designer/IT Consultant, and I have always delighted in the work that he has produced for me. But it does not stop there, sites are inanimate and unless carefully placed and driven fail to show results, and this is what separates Christo from the norm, he drives and places the final site so that it achieves its objective of bringing you and your product to the attention of the world.”

Francois de Waal

Fin Dir, Alwin

“In 2002, Sven Bergman was the architect and designer of the IT network and related infrastructure, at Alwin Canopy Windows. Since that period until currently, the network was maintained, extended, and improved in line with best practice solutions, and within very tight budgetary constraints. Sven follows a holistic approach to really assist customers, in achieving broader company goals through the effective use and application of IT technology. He is well versed in the general management principles, which makes long drawn-out conversations about possible solutions, redundant. Quick assessments, accurate problem analyses, and speedy implementations of solutions, has always been central to our business relationship with Sven .”

Nici Mare


“After being disappointed by various IT Specialists our company was pleased to find someone of the character and knowledge of Sven Bergman to create a system for a newly formed company which was efficient, functional and easy to use. With his outstanding customer care, never limited by business hours he has become indispensable to us over the past 10 years - Nothing ever too big or too small for him to deal with and always addressed with the urgency and expertise it deserves. His professional approach and excellence in understanding of this specialized industry, makes it a privilege to give him our best recommendation and will undoubtedly add value to whoever may contract his services. ”

Steven Barnard

COO, Nu Energy Network

“I hereby take pleasure in being able to reference to SLBergman and its owner, Sven. Sven has been giving my companies technology support services for the past 6 years. The cordial and helpful manner in which Sven and his staff have assisted us has been of the highest standard and there has never been a task too difficult for them to handle. The other important aspect of Sven service is that it is solution driven where the correct alternative has been identified for the challenge at hand. I therefore do not hesitate to recommend his and his companies services. ”